Tutorials & Links

I can spend hours looking at these tutorials.  It's amazing what people put on the internet to share.  Not all of these tutorials will be about sewing; they will also be things that I have found useful for myself or for our business.  A lot of these I have made, and the rest are just waiting for me to get around to them!  Take the plunge and enjoy!

Gathering with a Sewing Machine or Serger   - This is great; I use it nearly every time I make something.  I don't see why anyone would consider making a tutu any other way!

How to Make a Crib/Toddler Bed Fitted Sheet 

Bad Witch/Good Witch Hat & Fascinator - This is a great free pattern to make an adult Halloween witch's hat.  I love really cool hats.

Hot Patterns - It's hard to find good adult patterns that are a little more trendy than Simplicity.  Try these patterns out!


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